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Project Description
eveCIMS is a web application for managing a corporation in CCPs Spaceship Game EVE Online.

eveCIMS is a web application to manage a player corporation in CCPs Spaceship Game EVE Online ( ). It is based on ASP.NET MVC 4 and SQL Server 2008 (or later) and makes use of the EVE Online API via EveAI

It´s making use of the API provided by CCP to get information out of game which help to successfully lead an eve online coporation. The following features are currently planned/in development:

Basic Functionality

  • Manage Corporation Information for one or more eve online Player Corporations (API Key to retrieve API Data, Corp Information from ingame)
  • Define allowed API Access Masks for registering Accounts / Characters for your users
  • Manage Users (Give each user individual roles)
  • Configure automatic Roles assignment through ingame Titles and Roles or through provided access masks

Corporation Features

  • Retrieve generell corporation information
  • Retrieve characters (incl. Titels, Roles, Decorations)
  • Retrieve and analyze Wallet Journal data
  • Retrieve and analyze Wallet Transaction data
  • Retrieve and analyze Market Orders data
  • Retrieve and analyze Corporation Contracts data
  • Retrieve and analyze Corporation Assets data
  • Retrieve and analyze Corporation IndustryJobs data
  • Retrieve and manage Corporation POSes incl. Moon Mining
  • Organize Fleets and CTAs
  • Post Fleet Fittings and get information who is able to fly it (or who is able within 30 or 60 days and who needs even longer)
  • Manage Corporation production jobs (incl. Reimbursment production, Production Planning)
  • Blue Print Catalog of owned BluePrints
  • Corporation WebShop where users (even non-corp) are able to order and sell stuff
  • Logistik Management (Transport your products, fleet stagings etc.)
  • Create and Manage Corp Mining Ops
  • Corporation Wiki for Guides and stuff
  • Corporation News System


  • Manage your API Keys to add your Characters to the corporation management
  • Search for Characters in your corp to get information about them (skills, flyable ships, owning player, etc.)
  • See how much taxes you payed to the corporation on a monthly basis
  • See Tax Highscores
  • See Corporation Fleet Fittings and generate an EVEMON skill plan
  • Manage your user details and RL data to stay in touch with your mates
  • Send private messages
  • Place Reimbursment Requests

and a lot more ideas to come....

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